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BEE POLLEN 'Natures perfect food'

Did you know bee pollen…….

* is considered a potent healer
* is higher in protein than meat (50% higher than beef), cheese and eggs.
* is high in iron
* is high in calcium (twice that of milk)
* is an immune system booster
* is good for allergies and digestive disorders.
* is used by top athletes as an energy booster
* stimulates appetite and stabilises weight
* rejuvenates the body
* stimulates organs and glands
* increases life span
* improves fertility

The Chameleon Information Network of America refers to Bee Pollen as “natures perfect food” and suggest a Chameleon can not overdose on it. They highly recommend it for both gut loading and dusting on livefood.

Bee Pollen is often referred to as nature's most complete food. Human consumption of pollen is praised in the Bible, other religious books, ancient Chinese and Egyptian texts. Traditional health practitioners, including the fathers of Western medicine, have long prescribed it for its healing properties.

The honeybee collects pollen (the male element of plants) and when mixed in the hive with nectar and its own digestive enzymes produces nutritious “pollen granules”. The young bees are fed these granules. In the past decade, science has discovered that these granules contain a miracle concentration of nearly all the known nutrients. When compared to any other food, bee pollen granules contains a higher percentage of all necessary nutrients

Bee Pollen is approximately 25% complete protein containing at least 18 amino acids, 28 minerals, 11 enzymes or co-enzymes, 14 beneficial fatty acids, 11 carbohydrates, and is rich in minerals, the full spectrum of vitamins, and hormones and is low in calories!!

Some of the key contents are listed below:
Vitamins: Provitamin A, B-1 Thiamine , B-2 Riboflavin , B-3 Niacin , B-6 Pyridoxine , Panthothenic acid , Biotin , B-12 (cyanocobalamin) , Folic acid , Choline , Inositol , Vitamin C , Vitamin D , Vitamin E , Vitamin K , Rutin

Minerals: Calcium , Phosphorus , Potassium , Sulfur , Sodium , Chlorine , Magnesium , Iron , Manganese , Copper, Iodine , Zinc , Silicon , Molybedenum , Boron , Titanium

Many scientific research studies document the therapeutic effects of bee pollen. Clinical tests show that orally ingested bee pollen is rapidly and easily absorbed as they pass directly from the stomach into the blood stream. Within two hours after ingestion, bee pollen is found in the blood, in cerebal spinal fluids, and in the urine.

Bee pollen is full of easily assimilated protein and lecithin, which nourish the brain and nervous system.
Several of its nutrients are scientifically well documented for their ability to counter the effects of chemical toxins and strengthen the immune system that in turn helps to generate optimal health and vitality.

Researchers found that this product strengthened the immune systems of mice, improved their resistance to x-rays, and has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also prevented the development of cancerous tumors in mice.

In humans bee pollen proves to be quite useful for activity enhancement and sports nutrition. It produces an accelerated rate of recovery, including a return to normal heart rate, breathing, and readiness for the next event. Bee pollen improves second and subsequent performances. Humans not receiving bee pollen show declining performances. It provides energy, stamina, and strength, and enhances performance levels.

Interestingly and more apt considering keeping herps at the wrong humidity can cause kidney problems, patients with kidney insufficiency were fed bee pollen and showed great improvement.

Pollen is a natural part of a wild chameleons diet as most of the insects they find have been feeding on pollen from flowers in the trees and plants.

HOW TO USE Bee Pollen for your Chameleon:

Please see our "Feeder Insect Gut-Loading" page for further info CLICK HERE

1) Wax Worms
Sprinkle a good pinch full over some Wax worms and leave for at least 24 hours your wax worms will be healthy and full of goodness to give to your chameleon. Pollen is a natural food for wax worms, as they are 'pests' in bees hives.

2) Crickets
Give a good pinch full (Depending on how many you have) to your crickets as well as some veggies and leave to gut load for 24 hours before giving to your chameleon. Crickets love pollen, and it eat it well.

3) Flies
Nearly ALL chameleons love flies. If you are not squeamish and would like to feed flies, buy some maggots and keep them refrigerated, take out some maggots and keep them warm and allow them to pupate. Once they have pupated place the pupae's in a escape proof container with some Bees pollen and a little bit of honey mixed together. When the flies hatch allow 24 hours for them to gut load on the pollen then feed to your chameleon.

4) Mealworms
Sprinkle a small amount on the top of the mealworms, Allow 24 hours to gut load.

Pollen is eaten by so many insects so try it on all sorts of insects that you give to your chameleon.

We have been using bees pollen for over a year now and have had great results, and we firmly believe this is a key factor in our success with breeding our chameleons.


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